Monday, 13 December 2010

Eco Brochure

There’s been much debate back and forth round the office regarding our brochure. Do we print hard copies or do we go digital. As I’ve said it’s a debate we bounced about for a while, they both have there good and bad points. To print hard copy’s means we really need to print a few 1000 which combined with envelopes and delivery really isn’t particularly good for the environment. Compared to the vast amount company brochures that get printed and posted each day, our small number probably won’t put a dent. However as an environmentally aware company we feel that even though we’re only reducing our carbon foot print by a relatively small amount in the big scheme of thing, every little helps.

We also quite like to think of ourselves as trend setters and not just go down the root of ‘ that’s what everyone else does’, or ‘ that’s what we’ve always done’

So we came to the decision, lets stick to our eco principals and go digital. Essentially our website and brochure is our ‘brochure’ and with both combined has more information in it than a hardcopy brochure would ever have. The other advantage is we can up-date it on a daily basis if we wanted, rather than having to wait until all the old hardcopy brochures were out of date, or fling them in the skip and get them reprinted in 6 months, a horrible thought from both a environmental and business point.

So what do you think, do you agree, disagree, don’t care or think it’s a great idea? Let us know we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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